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May 08, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages Android Mobile

Advantages Mobile Android

1.  Multitasking - Android phones can run many applications, it means you can  browse, facebookan as he listened to the song.
2.  Ease of Notification - Any SMS, Email, or even the latest articles from an RSS Reader, there will always be a notification on the Home Screen Android phones, do not miss The LED indicator is blinking, so you will not miss a single SMS, Email or Misscall though.
3.  Easy Access to Thousands of Applications Android by Google's Android App Market - When you are happy to install applications or games, through Google's Android App Market you can download applications for free. There are many thousands of applications and games that are ready for you to download on Android phones.
4.  Mobile phones are diverse options - Talk Android phone, it will feel 'different' than the IOS, if the IOS is limited to the iPhone from Apple, then Android is available on mobile phones from various manufacturers, from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC to Samsung. And each handset manufacturer also presents the Android phone with each style, such as Motorola with its Motoblur, Sony Ericsson with its Timescape. So you can freely choose Android phone in accordance with the 'brand' favorite.
5.  You can install a modified ROM - not satisfied with the standard view of Android, do not worry there are many Costum ROM that you can spend on Android phones.

6.  Widgets - absolutely right, with the widgets on the homescreen, you can easily access a variety of settings quickly and easily.
7.  Google mania - If you are a loyal user of Google services ranging from Gmail to Google Reader Android phone has integrated with Google services, so you can quickly check e-mail from Gmail.

It is undeniable advantages besides of course no shortage of these Android operating system.

1.  Internet Connection constant - most Android phones require a simultaneous Internet connection alias continuously active. It means you must be prepared to subscribe to GPRS packet in accordance with needs.
2.  Advertising - Applications in Mobile Android indeed can be obtained easily and for free, but the consequences of any such application, will always be ads on display, whether it's the top or bottom of the application


  1. Manufactures messing up the operating system but at least were can do stuff unlike apple were you can do nothing

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